Will O’ Wisp Lighted Crystal Necklaces

I never really stopped loving things that light up. It is a bit whimsical wearing something that glows in the dark. There is also something poetic about a point of light in a darkened room. For a long time I tried to find lighted jewelry that was beautiful and not a cheezy plastic thing that looks like you just went to the carnival. My search was fruitless and I began to look for ways to make my own. I tried many materials off and on for a couple of years. But I finally found the right mix of craft supplies to create beautiful pieces that combine sculpture, natural stone, and light!

Will O' Wisp Lighted Crystal (c) (tm)

Will O’ Wisp Lighted Crystal (c) ™

The story of the Will O’ Wisp was always a favorite of mine. I Hope that as you wear a Will O’ Wisp you’ll be drawn into mystery and transformation….or attract just what you need by your fantastic glow.

Will O'Wisp Lighted Crystal (c) (tm)

Will O’Wisp Lighted Crystal (c) ™


Imagine it is 200 years ago in Ireland. You find yourself miles from home as the sun goes down. There are none of the ever present city lights that could guide you safely from the wild night landscape into the safe company of others. Even as it begins to pound faster and faster, your heart feels like it is clenched in a vice when you realize you are utterly and completely lost. Just as the last drops of hope drip from your mind a ting glowing light appears in front of you. A tiny point of comforting light in the thick darkness. Maybe it is a farmer with a lantern! You call out and are met with silence. The light begins to move off ahead of you. You call out again for the farmer to stop. No answer, and it continues to move further and further from you. Your mind races with possibility, is he just too far away to hear? What if I am seeing things. All the while that tiny sliver of radiant hope slips further and further from you. Fearing the dark you reluctantly begin to follow the light. With each step the grass crunches under your feet. The crunch-crunch of your step keeping time like a clock. With each passing second you recall more stories you heard in pubs and around campfires of the Good Neighbors who would sometimes rescue travelers by leading them home or to great riches. Crunch-crunch, and you recall other stories of the dreaded Puca carrying the Faerie Fire in his hand, leading those who are lost off cliffs and into bogs. Are you being led to safety? Riches? Death? Here in the pitch black countryside you can’t tell, you know only that great transformation in your life comes as you follow that tiny glow in the blackness of night.


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