Make Your Own Polymer Clay Tools

When I first started sculpting, like most of you, I bought the $7 tool kit from the big box craft store. You know the one. It has a bunch of wooden tools, a couple metal bits, and a cheese cutter thingy. Those dreadful cheap tools made my sculpting learning curve nearly a flat line. Every time I tried to use the tools to smooth clay or blend two pieces together I got tears and even more areas to smooth. It was so frustrating I nearly quit.

I finally bought the detailing tool set from Sculpture House, but at $30 plus shipping it is not accessible for everyone. The Sculpture House Set blends like a dream. That tool set is made from much pricier hard wood which is highly polished. I have been using the same set for over 10 years.

I have the cheaper tools for students, but I improved upon them. With just a few dollars you can make those cheap tools actually work much better.

Make this cheap paddle tool useful with this quick tip!

Make this cheap paddle tool useful with this quick tip!

Using either Magic Glos UV resin or any 2 part resin, you can fix your tool! It will smooth clay much better than it did before. They sell the Magic Glos at Michael’s, and with your 40% off coupon you can get it for less than $5. You can use a ball of junk clay to hold the tool up while the resin sets. Just put the non-varnished end into the clay.

Happy sculpting!

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