Writing My First DIY Polymer Clay Book

I was probably a little too excited last night when I finished the sculpting on the Bloduewedd trinket box. It is the third and final project in my first crafting book. This is the part of this process I am familiar with, the sculpting part. This evening when I return from my day job I’ll begin a process I am less familiar with. Actually writing a long craft book.

Three DIY Polymer Clay Projects you can make in my step by step book.  Out soon!

Three DIY Polymer Clay Projects you can make in my step by step book. Out soon!

I have written some smaller tutorials before, sure. But never a print and e-book sold by retailers. It feels like standing t the base of a really huge mountain looking up. All that trudging up an incline, cold snow, and clouds mean I can’t even see the top. This is when it becomes easier to sink down into the comfy couch and watch re-run after re-run. Don’t I have all the Walking Dead series to watch? It always seems easier than facing the anxiety that always comes with stepping into the unknown.

The enormity of the writing and formatting along with the Doubt Monster shouting that the project will be an utter waste of time is the gravitational force dragging my butt to the couch. I have a ready made excuse! I’m tired after a day of work, cooking dinner, cleaning. I’ve got no energy to trudge up a mountain, fighting a monster, for no good reason!

And so I have my workstation set up, ready to plop down and just start writing when I get home. Maybe that will add some energy so I can generate the escape velocity necessary to keep my butt off the couch.

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